Thursday, August 28, 2008

Takin' it back, waaay back

One of the things I love is hearing a dope sample on a song, then finding that original song. This is something that I find unique to Hip Hop. A lot of times people will look at Hip Hop and say that it's not creative and that it's stealing from old music. I think that it's this ability though, to draw and build off of other forms of music, particularly soul and jazz, that makes Hip Hop beautiful. For me, Hip Hop, jazz, soul, blues, and reggae is music that YOU CAN FEEL IN YOUR SOUL, while other forms of music just don't do this for me (: / nothin against them).

I heard this song a week ago(@ Sushi House in Durant Food Court. Suprisingly, they play dope music, soul and funk). You probably recognize this song from the sample on Kanye and Twista's Overnight Celebrity.


Hearing good soul music (whether in a sample or original form) for me is a reminder that you always carry your past experiences and memories with you and that you grow off of them. This is something that I try to remember as I enter my first week of senior year. I haven't really been thinking about how this is going to be my last year here at Berkeley. I'm just looking to enjoy it, and to be open to everything as I was Freshman year. You could say I'm a seasoned vet, but I'm just looking to take in as much as possible this year.

I got on the MUNI a few weeks ago. For the first time, I wasn't able to pass for youth fare (17 & Under). I'm getting older, and I guess I'm looking older too now. Oh well, I've never been one to be scared of getting older. I've always believed that youth is something that you carry with you. At least working with FEC helps take me back to when I was a kid.

I hope to keep this youthful openness and ability to just enjoy everything this year. Anyway, here is a video I can't stop watching. It makes you wonder why people fight over these things, but in the end you just can't help but laugh it off.


This year is definitely going to be a journey. I hope ya'll are with me, cause this year we're gonna take it back. Waaaaay back. I hope all the folks I've met and become family with here @ Berkeley through the years are able to enjoy this year together with me. Maybe its idealistic, but I know ya'll are ready to enjoy this year like I am, so for us folks, let's do it and make this a year to never forget : ) Peace!

Sidenote: The Milk Bar is the ish. Classic soul on the one's and two's. Chill atmosphere. Good times with friends. Couldn't ask for more. And shout out to ading-thru-forceful-adoption Kaegy for his 20th Bday, and Albert and Brendan on their 22nd Bday. It's good to be alive.